Pairing Suggestions

With a wide range to offer, Heineken beers are enjoyed with a variety of dishes, from light, fresh contemporary staples like tapas, to the hearty and unique flavors classic dishes

Heineken USA

  • Heineken
  • Heineken Light
  • Amstel Light
  • Dos Equis Amber
  • Dos Equis Lager
  • Dos Equis Variety Beers of Mexico
  • Dos Equis Rita
  • Sol
  • Tecate
  • New Castle
  • Strongbow Gold Cider
  • Strongbow Honey Apple Cider

Brewed since 1863, Heineken Lager is the company’s flagship brand and the first imported beer to reach America's shores in the 1880s and again in 1933, following the repeal of prohibition. Since its inception in 1995, HEINEKEN USA has been dedicated to maintaining the strong heritage, premium ingredients and superior quality of its namesake brand.