Pairing Suggestions

Stone's Ales work well with all cuisines. Try Stone's IPA with some strong, spicy curry, or sweet carrot cake.


  • Stone India Pale
  • Stone Oaked Arrogant
  • Stone Ruination IPA
  • Stone Smoked Porter
  • Stone Levitation
  • Stone Old Guard
  • Stone Arrogant Bast
  • Stone Smoke w/Van Bean
  • Stone Black Rye
  • Stone Collective
  • Stone Russian Stout
  • Stone Enjoy By IPA
  • Stone Suede Imp
  • Stone Double Bastard
  • Stone Sub Self Right
  • Stone Mixed
  • Stone Stochasticity Project
  • Stone Collaboration Unapolegetic
  • Stone Go to IPA
  • Stone Green Tea
  • Stone Delicious
  • Stone Chai Spice Imperial Russian St
  • Stone Ruination 2.0
  • Stone Parts Unknown
  • Stone Mutt Brown
  • Stone Pale Ale 2.0

Stone was established in 1996 in San Diego California and are famous for their West Coast Hoppy Ales.