Pairing Suggestions

From Pale to Scottish Ale's, Oskar pairs with everything from Mud Pies, English Cheeses and Cheese Burgers, to Lamb and Wild Game.

Oskar Blues Brewery

  • Oskar Dale Pale Ale
  • Oskar Old Chub
  • Oskar Ten Fidy
  • Oskar Gubna IMP
  • Oskar Old Chub Nitro
  • Oskar Moma's Lil Yella Pilsner
  • Oskar Blues Pinner

In addition to the awesome lifestyle and culture in North Carolina, Oskar sells over 35% of their beer out thatta way, east of the big muddy river. With that much beer traveling east, it allows them to invest in another small town that shares their passions. Brevard, North Carolina seemed an obvious fit for the brewery – small town feel, similar to the town of Lyons, CO where they first opened up, close to Pisgah National Forest, filled with the mountain biking-spirit they found there in the Rockies, and a down-home vibe perfect for top-notch music and soul-savin’ food.