Pairing Suggestions

What can we say about Odd Elixir's selection? We like them so much, we'd drink them with anything. But if you're looking for something different, try adding some Mango Out Mead into your next pork loin marinade, and for an added bonus, pass out a few bottles to go with it!

Odd Elixir Meads

  • Potential/Coffee Mead
  • Red Tape Mead
  • Long Story/Lemonade Mead
  • Odd Mango Out Mead
  • Wilcox Cider Mead
  • Peaches the Friendly Ghost Mead
  • Mermaid Song Mead
  • Root Bear Mead

Odd Elixir Meads is a small batch meadery located inside DeLand Abbey in Historic Downtown DeLand, Florida.

Our journey began a decade ago when a visit to a Renaissance Festival sparked an interest in what mead was and why everyone was so upset that the mead was gone. Why was the mead gone and why did people care so much!? After several failed attempts to pick up a bottle of mead at the local bottle shop Ann-Marie turned to the internet. What she found was that, as a long time wine maker, she already knew the basics of how to make mead and didn't even realize it! That is when her obsession began and the mead has been flowing ever since.