Pairing Suggestions

For a classic taste combination, try some of Central 28's Up River IPA with brick oven pizza. Make sure said pizza is loaded with fresh mozzarella, basil, and ricotta. For an extra punch of flavor, add some roasted sweet peppers to really bring out the depth in the IPA.

Central 28

  • First Thing Tim Raspberry
  • Little Wheel IPA Dancing Pierre
  • The Flying Rivera Sisters
  • Ms Mary Brown
  • Trekker Bier
  • Up River

We decided to combine our years of experience in creating great craft beer and our unbridled enthusiasm for drinking it in the most productive way possible- Central 28 Beer Company. With each batch we seek to honor our heritage- our Belgian roots, and the inspirational industry of American craft brewers. Using only the finest raw materials gathered from around the globe, we carefully craft our own unique array of ales for your enjoyment.