Pairing Suggestions

Belukus offers a wide variety of beers, with an even wider variety of food pairings. Try Belhavan Scottish Ale with roast pork and sautéed cabbage.


  • Young Double Chocolate Stout
  • Young Double Chocolate
  • Belukus Bitburger
  • Belukus Belhaven Scott Ale
  • Belukus Blanch De Brux
  • Belukus Wells Banana Bread
  • Belukus Toffee

In the early 90's, three partners had a vision to bring some of the finest beers and ales to the United States. The unique name of the company, Belukus, is an acronym for BELgium, United Kingdom, United States. Over the years, Belukus Marketing has thrived on providing excellent beers and ales to the US market along with excellent service. Whether you are a beer connoisseur or a novice, you will find that something special among our product line to delight your palate.