Moonrise Brewing Co.

We started our business in 2017 with one goal in mind: to not only bring a unique brewery to Palm Coast but also the first. We wanted to have a brewery where the community can meet, share ideas, have fun, grow, gather, and enjoy delicious hand craft beer & food. The owners Vance Tyson Joy, Benjamin Davenport and Ashley Dees are always around the brewery to welcome newcomers and show them around. The Brewmaster Vance Tyson Joy has won many medals for his beer including a gold medal in 2017. Thanks to our experience and dedication, our vision has come to fruition and we’ve managed to produce a variety of unique ales with many more styles on the horizon. Moonrise is much more than just a venue for drinking beer. Join us on one of our brewery tours or tasting events, plan your own private gathering or simply drop by to meet friends and taste our delicious food. What are you waiting for? Moonrise Brewing is a proud sponsor of the Apollo Gala Celebration @ NASA ​


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