About Us

Samuel R. Perrott: Founder
Marriette Perrott: Founder
Michele Connors: Owner & President

Our Past

The distributorship of S.R. Perrott, Inc. was founded by Samuel R. Perrott and Mariette Perrott in March of 1962.

Since then, S.R. Perrott, Inc. has expanded its distribution rights to cover Volusia and Flagler counties, offering beverages from Miller Brewing Company, Coors Brewing, Fosters Lager Brewery, Heineken USA, Gambrinus Company, Barton Beers, Boston Beer Company, Guinness Import, Yuengling & Sons Brewing, Bavaria Holland Beer, Molson Breweries, USA, Mike's Hard Lemonade, Élan Water and Zapp's Potato Chips. In addition, Harley Davidson Beer, a collector's item since 1983, originated at S.R. Perrott, Inc.

With selections from all over the world, S.R. Perrott, Inc. has recently expanded into the distribution of fine wines, bringing local consumers the best the world has to offer.

Our Present

S.R. Perrott, Inc., located in the heart of beautiful Ormond Beach on US Hwy 1, is very involved with special events and is committed to its responsible drinking programs.

Carrying on a 50 year tradition, S.R. Perrott, Inc. is dedicated to quality, customer service & community.

Our Leaders

Michele P. Connors
Owner & President
R. Gary Connors
Executive Vice President
Louis Cayll
General Manager
Colleen Connors-Timko
Off-Premise Sales Manager
Sue Barry
Wine Manager
Vincent Morrissey
Craft Brand Manager
Amelia Kegle
Special Events and Marketing Asst.
Steve Rutherford
Inventory Manager
Rick Shaffer
Operations and Delivery Manager
Lori Hobdy
Kayla Westberry
Human Resources
Eva Connors McMullin
Asst. General Manager